Ammachi’s Glasses

Ammachi's Glasses: A Heartwarming Tale of Love and Discovery for Curious Toddlers in India.

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Priya Kuriyan



Synopsis: "Ammachi's Glasses" is a touching children's book that invites toddlers on an enchanting journey of love and discovery as they join Ammachi in her quest to find her missing glasses

What parents should be aware of

Parents in India considering "Ammachi's Glasses" should be aware of the book's exceptional ability to engage and captivate toddlers. This beautifully illustrated story introduces young readers to the concept of empathy and the joy of helping others.The story revolves around Ammachi, a lovable grandmother who misplaces her glasses, leading to a delightful search adventure. Parents can use this narrative to teach toddlers about the importance of being helpful and considerate, especially to their elders.One of the notable features of the book is its culturally rich setting. It portrays an Indian household and the strong bonds shared among family members. Toddlers will enjoy exploring the vibrant illustrations that showcase Indian traditions and values, providing an opportunity for parents to discuss their own cultural heritage with their little ones.It's crucial to emphasize that "Ammachi's Glasses" contains no content related to violence, drugs, alcohol, profanity, or intimacy. This ensures a safe and age-appropriate reading experience for toddlers, allowing them to engage fully with the story's heartwarming themes.

The storyline

"Ammachi's Glasses" takes toddlers on a delightful journey into the heart of an Indian home, where they meet the endearing Ammachi. The story begins with Ammachi realizing that her cherished glasses are missing. With a warm smile and a heart full of love, Ammachi embarks on a quest to find them.Toddlers will be enthralled by the colorful illustrations that bring Ammachi's world to life. Each page is a visual treat, depicting the cozy interiors of her home and the loving interactions between family members.As Ammachi searches high and low, toddlers are encouraged to participate in the adventure, eagerly pointing out objects and characters along the way. The book's interactive nature fosters engagement and enhances toddlers' observational skills.Throughout the story, Ammachi's family members join in the search, offering assistance and support. This portrays a beautiful message of unity and cooperation within a family, and toddlers can easily relate to the sense of togetherness.The book's climax, when Ammachi's glasses are finally discovered, is a heartwarming moment that radiates joy and love. Toddlers will relish this feel-good ending, which reinforces the idea that helping others and working together can lead to happiness.

How good is it?

Ammachi's Glasses by Priya Kuriyan is a delightful and heartwarming children's book that tells the story of a grandmother and her grandson and their journey of understanding each other. The book is beautifully illustrated with charming and colorful artwork that perfectly complements the story.The book centers around the relationship between Ammachi, the grandmother, and her grandson. The grandson is fascinated by his grandmother's glasses and is curious about how they work. The grandmother tries to explain how the glasses help her see better, but the young boy cannot seem to grasp the concept.Throughout the story, the author does an excellent job of depicting the different perspectives of the grandmother and grandson. Ammachi struggles to explain her vision difficulties to her grandson, while the boy is frustrated with his inability to understand how the glasses work. The book explores the complexity of communication and empathy, and how even the simplest ideas can be difficult to convey.The author's storytelling is exceptional, as the book touches on themes of intergenerational respect and understanding. The author uses the story to remind readers of the importance of compassion and the value of listening to and learning from our elders.The illustrations in the book are charming and delightful. The author has used bright colors and playful drawings to bring the story to life. The images perfectly complement the story, and the attention to detail in the illustrations is impressive. The illustrations will delight and engage readers, and the visual representation of the characters' emotions is exceptional.Ammachi's Glasses is an excellent book for children aged 5-8 years. The story is relatable and accessible, and the message is clear and impactful. The book can be used as a tool to teach children about empathy, communication, and respecting their elders. The story is also an excellent way to introduce children to the concept of vision difficulties and how different people experience the world around them.Overall, Ammachi's Glasses is a beautifully crafted and well-written children's book that teaches important lessons about empathy, communication, and respect. The book is both educational and entertaining, and the illustrations are charming and engaging. The author has done an excellent job of using a simple story to convey a profound message. This book is highly recommended for parents and educators looking for a fun and engaging way to teach children about empathy and understanding.


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