Growing With Yoga

Growing With Yoga: Nurturing Young Minds and Bodies Through the Ancient Art of Yoga in India

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Rama Chandrasekhar, Aditi Chandrasekhar


Tulika Books

Synopsis: "Growing With Yoga" is a remarkable children's book that introduces preschoolers to the art of yoga, fostering mindfulness and physical well-being.

What parents should be aware of

Parents in India considering "Growing With Yoga" should be aware of the book's unique approach to nurturing young minds and bodies through the ancient practice of yoga. This book provides an excellent opportunity to introduce preschoolers to the benefits of yoga, both physically and mentally.One essential aspect to note is that "Growing With Yoga" emphasizes mindfulness, relaxation, and body awareness, rather than complex poses. While yoga is generally considered safe for preschoolers, parents should ensure that their child practices under proper supervision to avoid any strains or injuries.The book encourages children to embrace the practice of yoga at an early age, promoting physical fitness, flexibility, and coordination. Parents may find their little ones excited to mimic the illustrated poses and learn about the importance of breath control.Yoga's mental and emotional benefits are also highlighted, teaching young children how to manage stress, improve focus, and find a sense of calm. Parents can expect their preschoolers to show interest in these aspects, potentially incorporating mindfulness techniques into their daily routines.The book provides clear and simple instructions for each yoga pose, making it accessible for parents and children to practice together. However, parents should ensure that the practice remains enjoyable and not force their child into poses that are uncomfortable or difficult.It's essential to recognize that "Growing With Yoga" is entirely free from content related to violence, drugs, alcohol, profanity, or intimacy. It offers a safe and wholesome way for preschoolers to engage with a mindful practice.

The storyline

"Growing With Yoga" takes young readers on a gentle and enriching journey into the world of yoga. The story centers around a group of preschoolers in India who embark on a yoga adventure guided by their enthusiastic teacher, Yogi Priya.The narrative begins with Yogi Priya introducing the children to the practice of yoga, emphasizing its ancient roots in India. The preschoolers, curious and eager to learn, gather on colorful mats to explore the world of yoga. Yogi Priya leads them through a series of simple yoga poses, each accompanied by vivid illustrations.As the children follow along, they discover the joy of stretching, balancing, and breathing mindfully. The book's illustrations beautifully capture the essence of each pose, making it easy for young readers to mimic the movements.Throughout the story, children learn valuable lessons about patience, concentration, and the importance of listening to their bodies. Yogi Priya encourages them to embrace the practice with a sense of fun and curiosity, fostering a positive and relaxed atmosphere.The book also introduces the concept of mindfulness through simple breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. These moments of calm allow children to connect with their inner selves and find a sense of tranquility.As the children complete their yoga session, they express their gratitude to Yogi Priya, recognizing the physical and mental benefits of their practice. The story ends on a note of contentment and peace, leaving young readers with a sense of accomplishment."Growing With Yoga" serves as an excellent introduction to yoga for preschoolers, promoting physical health, mental well-being, and the joy of mindful living. It encourages young readers to embrace the practice with enthusiasm, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the art of yoga.

How good is it?

Growing with Yoga by Rama and Aditi Chandrasekhar is undoubtedly an exceptional guide for children that focuses on building their physical and mental health as well as social and moral values. The beautifully designed book comprises step-by-step instructions for different yoga poses and breathing exercises, along with imaginative illustrations and fun facts that keep kids engaged.The book is divided into nine chapters, and each chapter covers a different aspect of yoga. The introductory chapter is an excellent way to start, as it briefly explains what yoga is and how it benefits children. The authors have explained that the practice of yoga can help children improve their focus, balance, coordination, and flexibility while relieving stress and anxiety.The subsequent chapters teach children different yoga poses, starting with simple sitting poses and moving on to standing and balancing poses. The authors have done an outstanding job of ensuring that the poses are accessible and safe for children of various ages. The poses are described in detail, including their physical benefits and how to perform them correctly, which makes it easy for children to understand and follow.In addition to the poses, the book also includes information on breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. These exercises are great for children of all ages, as they help them manage their emotions and reduce stress. The authors have explained each exercise clearly, and children can follow the instructions provided in the book without any difficulty.Another aspect that makes Growing with Yoga stand out is the inclusion of mindfulness practices and activities throughout the book. These activities are designed to help children develop their awareness and focus, and they help children become more present in the moment. The authors have provided several mindfulness practices and tips that children can use in their daily lives.The book also comprises moral and ethical values, which is a vital aspect of yoga that children need to learn. The authors have included stories and examples that illustrate how yoga can help children cultivate positive values like kindness, gratitude, and respect for themselves and others. These values are important for children to develop, and they can help them become better individuals in their future lives.Another noteworthy feature of Growing with Yoga is the beautiful illustrations and photographs. The book includes colorful and imaginative illustrations of children performing various yoga poses, which are sure to capture children's attention and keep them engaged. Moreover, the photographs of children performing yoga poses add a personal touch to the book, making it easier for children to relate to the exercises.Overall, Growing with Yoga is an excellent guide for children and parents who want to learn and practice yoga together. The authors have done an outstanding job of making yoga accessible and fun for children, while also maintaining its traditional value. This book is a must-have for parents who want their children to learn yoga and develop not only physically but also mentally, socially, and morally.


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