Malas Silver Anklets

This is a story of childhood mischief that children can relate to.

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2 +

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Picture Book


Annie Besant



Synopsis: Mala's favourite pastime is lurking in the shadows and frightening people. Anklets made of shiny silver are given to her by her mother one day and the story takes an interesting turn.

What parents should be aware of

Written by Annie Besant, parents need to know that in Mala's Silver Anklets, a mischievous girl who likes to sneak up on people and terrify them with her tinkling anklets, the text is simple and the pictures are lovely. This amusing tale of misbehaviour in the backyard will appeal to children of all backgrounds and ethnicities throughout the world. The simple phrases and vibrant drawings are great for young children starting to read and will keep them interested and engaged as they go through their reading journey.

The storyline

Mala, who is a very mischievous child, enjoys jumping out from behind people and frightening them. Hiss! Boo! Muahahaha! Mala creeps up behind everyone and scares them to death. Then, her mother bestows on her a lovely pair of silver anklets; hence, she now goes Chik Chik chum, and everyone is aware of her impending arrival! She is wearing those anklets everywhere, but everyone runs away by listening to the sound before she arrives. Now she is alone and feeling bad. She throws her anklets and won't scare anyone again. This hilarious story about getting into trouble when you're young is one that every kid can relate to since it takes place during those formative years. A read-aloud experience that is memorable will include both large, colourful graphics as well as content that is catchy.

How good is it?

A humorous tale that is sure to be an instant favourite with the kids, featuring the easily relatable figure of wicked, mischievous Mala who sneaks up from behind and shocks everyone. Then, one day, her mother presents her with a lovely pair of silver anklets that are adorned with teeny tiny bells and make a jingling sound everywhere she walks. When she walks up behind them now, no one is taken aback by the fact that she is there. However, Mala never gives up and that is quite an interesting layer in her character and it also gives the lesson to the reader to never give up. With its easy-to-understand sentences and eye-catching, vivid illustrations, the storybook Mala's Silver Anklets is the ideal book for young children who are at the beginner's level, who are learning to read in order to promote interest in the literature. This will help to keep the little ones interested and engaged in the reading experience. Even for readers with more experience, this book is a lot of fun since it allows them to participate in Mala's antics.


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