Bal Ganesh

An animated series showcasing Bal Ganesh's triumph over evil entities.

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6 +

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Pankaj Sharma



Synopsis: Bal Ganesh is a TV series depicting the childhood of the mythological elephant-headed Hindu god, Lord Ganesh. The show has Ganesh’s confrontation with demons, dacoits, and unruly invaders and his he triumphant win over them. Bal Ganesh, is always around with his closest friend, Mooshak, the mouse who helps and supports him.

What parents should be aware of

Bal Ganesh is an animated TV show that is filled with antics and adventures of Lord Ganesh's childhood. The show has 13 episodes, each showcasing stories of Bal Ganesh's life. The shows animation is very poor and the stories are not really apt for children because young kids do not understand the idea of myths and might take the show literally. The values that the show puts forth are all dated and will confuse children. Bal Ganesh curses out of anger and to teach others a lesson - again a concept that is not appropriate for children especially young kids. On the whole the show may not be suitable for younger kids who cannot differentiate between real and fantasy violence.

The storyline

The show begins with Bal Ganesh enjoying a swim in the lake with his friends, including Mooshak and Nandi. Their fun is interrupted by large boulders falling toward them. Two demons are found responsible for this act. Bal Ganesh finds a way to deal with the demons and fights them off. This is followed by Nandi narrating an interesting story to everyone to explain why he is always there for Bal Ganesh. The next twelve episodes are based on a similar approach wherein Bal Ganesh encounters demons and people with wrong intentions. He uses his powers and intelligence to ward off negative entities and protect everyone so they can live a happy and peaceful life free of trouble. Elements typical of Lord Ganesh, like his love for ladoos (an Indian sweet) prepared by his mother, are portrayed interestingly in the show. The last episode of the series is all about Bal Ganesh defeating Tripurasur, a mighty demon king. It emphasizes that intelligence is more powerful than strength. The episode ends with Bal Ganesh blessing Sudama with riches and prosperity and giving the viewers the ultimate lesson - if you are a good and honest human being, his blessings will always be there for you.

How good is it?

Pankaj Sharma is the man behind the TV series Bal Ganesh. He has also directed Bal Ganesh, the movie, which was loved equally. The animations do not match those found in a Disney animation series or any other globally animated series. The children may be interested in the stories. Besides portraying tit-bits of Lord Ganesh's childhood, the series intents to send messages to kids about the victory of good over evil. It also aims to teaches the kids a valuable life lesson that no matter how powerful the negativity in your life is, there is always a way to overcome it if you are willing to do so. The series makes a great addition to your child's list if you are looking to get them interested in Mythology. Kids will not only enjoy Lord Ganesh's childhood adventures but will also get to learn about him. Overall, Bal Ganesh will keep kids glued to his entertaining antiques it is not a great show for young kids.


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